Sandy Rains was born in Canton, Ohio to Greek immigrant parents. Although Sandy was born in the USA, English is her second language, giving her much empathy for those wanting to immigrate and assimilate with the promise of living the American dream.

Sandy learned early in life that everyone should pull their own weight and started working at age 12 as a newspaper delivery girl. She worked with her mother in their family catering and restaurant business, where she learned the value of a strong work ethic. In 1988 Sandy began her own business and has been a successful Entrepreneur ever since.

Laguna Niguel Becomes Home

Sandy married Maynard Rains in 1995, a retired United States Army Major. Sandy and her family moved to California when her husband was transferred for work. They fell in love with Southern California and have made Laguna Niguel their home for the past decade.

Sandy and Maynard have two daughters, Rosie, a Surface Warfare Officer, in the United States Navy. A great legacy to generations of service to our country’s military. Nicole, a young adult on the Autism Spectrum, is pursuing her career training.

As a mom, Sandy has learned the importance of understanding the needs of this diverse community and is committed to advocating for those with special needs with compassion.

Sandy has built a team of business leaders for years throughout the United States in her tenure as a Sales Director for an International Corporation.

Sandy’s success was due to her dedication and a “Get things done”, attitude, she even drove a Pink Cadillac.


Current Community Activities

Sandy is the Owner and President of a real estate investment business that specializes in restoring historical and century homes for rental and resale. Sandy believes that every home tells a story about our history and that history should be preserved.

Sandy has spent much of her life enjoying and volunteering in her community. Her community participation and volunteer work include fundraising hundreds of thousands of dollars for various organizations to help her community. Sandy has put years into serving her community, even rolling up her sleeves to cook for thousands at a food festival.

Sandy Rains prides herself in being fiscally responsible in her personal life, professionally and as your Voice and public servant. She believes in a lean and balanced budget.

“Inhale Faith, Exhale Fear”

Sandy Rains is currently serving as your City of Laguna Niguel Councilmember.

She has served on the Executive Board of the Laguna Niguel Chamber of Commerce, as Vice Chairwoman. Sandy is also actively involved in local political issues affecting our state, county and city.

Sandy currently serves as the Regional Director of CFRW, and prides herself in knowing and educating residents of Laguna Niguel about important issues that directly affect the quality of life in Laguna Niguel.

Sandy enjoys all the many hats she wears. In her spare time she enjoys reading and traveling to new and interesting places. Sandy also enjoys helping friends decorate and redesign their homes.

Sandy’s philosophy for life is “Inhale Faith, Exhale Fear”. Sandy humbly asks for your vote on November 3, 2020 for Laguna Niguel City Council.

With Rosie Rains

Sandy’s family is 100% behind her and her daughter Rosie’s affirmation confirms their support:

“Words cannot express how truly proud I am of my mother. After dedicating her life to raising my sister and supporting us alongside my wonderful father, she is choosing to pursue her own passions. Congratulations on your official candidacy for the City Council election, I cannot wait to see what incredible changes you have in store for the city.

Your dedication to the service of others and your countless talents will shine through you as God guides you through the election. Love you so much!”

Lt. J.G. Rosie Rains, United States Navy